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What People Say

Teacher, researcher, singer, actor, editor, publicist, event planner, and project manager: Ariane Helou’s suite of skills is truly virtuoso! Working with her transformed the way I think about my own goals as a citizen-scholar. Ariane changes every workplace she enters, thanks to her total set of artistic, scholarly, and practical abilities, her can-do attitude, and her sparkling personality.

Julia Reinhard Lupton
Professor of English, the University of California, Irvine

Ariane is one of those rare, brilliant people who understand that communicating an idea is just as important as having it in the first place.  Her ability to articulate complex ideas made her an ideal collaborator when she was a dramaturg for six seasons at Santa Cruz Shakespeare.  I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

Mike Ryan
Artistic Director, Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Ariane is truly one of the smartest people I know. But not just because she is book-smart (though she is that), but because she has a rare talent for taking a mass of information and synthesizing it down to essential, useable material. . . . In all productions, she was a lynchpin for the company in learning about the context of each play – its history, its setting, its message and its meaning. She is an ideal colleague – always willing to help with special requests and always bringing clarity to the process. She is a true scholar, writer, teacher and professional!

David Morden
Associate Professor, School of Theatre, Film, and Television, University of Arizona

What amazes me about Ariane is not only how wicked smart she is, but how much she loves her work. . . Her research was impeccable, her observations and insights were always illuminating and her joy for the work was contagious. I can’t imagine a more supportive and capable team player on any project she might undertake.

Laura Gordon
Freelance Director, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society

“Meticulous attention to detail” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Ariane Helou. . . her deep knowledge of curriculum design, and her formidable skills in writing, editing, and research have proven invaluable. Above all, I was impressed with Ariane’s ability to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and work ethic in what could be a high-stress environment. And, of course, her personal integrity and unflappable good cheer! Ariane has my strongest recommendation, and she would be an incredible asset to any organization.

Adrian LaTourelle
Studio Administrator, The Berg Studios

Ariane’s work with the dramaturgy team of Santa Cruz Shakespeare over the last few years has given me great pleasure. Each year she has quickly established strong working relations with a new director and a fresh company of actors; they have relished the generous and cheerful spirit in which she has made accessible to them her ample resources. She is learned in a wide range of subjects, including music; she is skilled in research; she is fluent in French, expert in Latin, and well grounded in Italian . . . She has written arresting and informative material for program notes and has been as dynamic in speaking with general audiences as she is with fellow professionals. A gifted teacher, she has a talent for knowing what her audience wants to know and presenting it with elegant clarity. Above all, an excellent colleague.

Michael Warren
Professor Emeritus of English Literature, UCSC
Head of Dramaturgy, Santa Cruz Shakespeare

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