Research & Teaching


I am currently a faculty member at UCLA in the department of French & Francophone Studies, where I teach French literature, language, and culture. (Incorporating food studies whenever possible, of course!)

Before coming to Los Angeles I taught French, theater history, and Latin at UC Santa Cruz, where I earned my PhD in Literature. (Go Banana Slugs!)

Courses taught at UCLA:
Introduction to French Culture and Civilization (in English)
Introduction to French and Francophone Literature (in French)
Written Expression: Techniques of Description & Narration (in French)
Literature and Music from Romanticism to Modernism (in French)
The Literary Animal (in French — Senior Capstone Seminar)

At UC Santa Cruz:
Latin 1-2 (first-year language)
French 1-2 (first-year language)
Roman Poetry: Vergil’s Aeneid
Ancient and Medieval Drama
Roving Shakespeare


I study performance histories; my research lives at the intersections of poetry, drama, and music in early modern Europe. I’m particularly interested in exploring the work of women and other historically marginalized writers (such as the playwright Leone de’ Sommi, the subject of my recent article).

I’m currently working on two scholarly book projects. One is on voice and performance in Renaissance drama, a project that began as my dissertation and has since developed in exciting new directions. The other is an essay collection that I’m co-editing, on translations and adaptations of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It’s under contract and set to be published in 2020; details coming soon!

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You can read more about my scholarship, academic publications and talks here, and translations here. If you’re looking for a researcher to consult on a creative project, contact me to find out more about what I do.