Language Coaching for Actors

In my very first professional theater job, one of the shows in our season had a lot of dialogue in French. I was the only member of the company who spoke the language, so I was asked to work with the actors to help them navigate their French text. That’s how I stumbled into the fabulous niche of foreign-language consultation and coaching. I love it because it allows me to draw upon my extensive experience as a language teacher as well as my training as a vocalist and actor.

I’ve worked primarily on dialogue in French, Italian, and Latin. I also have experience helping actors develop accents and dialects for English-language text, and I do diction coaching for singers as well.


Diction coaching for singers

UCLA Early Music Ensemble (French, Italian, German, Latin)
Artes Vocales (French)
Apostasy Ensemble (French, Latin, Italian, Occitan)
UC Santa Cruz Early Music Consort (Italian)

Foreign Language Coaching for actors

Master Class (The Jewel Theatre Company, dir. Susan Meyer Silton)
Language: Italian (spoken and sung), French, German, Greek

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Santa Cruz Shakespeare, dir. Kirsten Brandt)
Language: French, Latin
Accent: French

Henry V (Shakespeare Santa Cruz, dir. Paul Mullins)
Language: French, Latin

The Taming of the Shrew (Santa Cruz Shakespeare, dir. Edward Morgan)
Language: Italian, Latin

Henry V (UC Santa Cruz, dir. Danny Scheie)
Language: French
Accent: French, RP

The Man in the Iron Mask (Santa Cruz Shakespeare, dir. John Sipes; World Premiere)
Language: French